AGL Certified Rose Sapphire (H)* Diamond Platinum Ring 2.46 ctw


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This sapphire caught my eye out of hundreds on display.  I have never seen such a beautiful and unusual color on a sapphire.  The color is best described as rose with magenta flashes,  The certification describes the color as pink, orange and brown.  Noted are the two colors found in the Padaparadscha, or lotus colored sapphire, and this sapphire certainly takes on that appearance in certain lighting conditions (more yellow than white light).  The sapphire is certified by the American Gem Laboratory A.G.L. as being a natural fancy sapphire that weighs 2.06 carats and measures 7.48 mm.  The sapphire has a round brilliant cut, excellent clarity and beautiful brilliance filled with flashes or red, orange, pink, rose, magenta and earth tone brown.  Prong set the sapphire rests between baguette cut diamonds that are channel set across the ring’s shoulders and are VS2 GH quality.  In total there is 0.40 carats of diamonds and the ring weighs 6.25 grams of platinum and is a size 71/2.  Please let us know your size request on the order form.

  •         AGTA Gemstone Enhancement Codes N = Not Enhanced C = Coating                D = Dyeing F = Filling H = Heating HP = Heat & Pressure I = Impregnating                    L = Lasering O = Oiling/Resin R = Irradiation U = Diffusion W = Waxing/Polishing in Opaque Stones  SC = Special Care ASBL = Assembled CMP – Composite
  • Color Symphony only sells gemstones that qualify as being natural.This includes both heated and unheated or untreated stones (with exception some blue topaz and colored diamonds may also be irradiated).  As a proud member of the American Gem Trade Association we pursue ethical business practices and disclose all gemstone enhancements or treatments to our clients.


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