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Welcome to Color Symphony Jewelry!

Color Symphony Jewelry is not located in a storefront. Clients view inventory via private showings or visiting the web-store. The business operates with minimal overhead. Unlike most retail jewelers who have large expenses related to operating a physical store, including mortgage or rent (mall rent) and staff. Color Symphony Jewelry operates without these thereby focusing resources on providing high quality inventory at prices significantly below retail market value.

Color Symphony Jewelry

“Although my business is largely internet (80%) with a smaller local clientele (20%) I go to great lengths to provide the appropriate amount of time and personal attention needed for each client. I love my work and pride myself in designing and offering uniquely crafted high quality jewelry. Jewelry should not only be beautiful but comfortable, durable and suitable to one’s lifestyle. Jewelry is an expression, it is art, it represents emotions and generations of love. Over the years I find that my clients continue to come back, our relationship grows and trust in my work continues.”
– Jill Underhill, Owner Color Symphony Jewelry

Quality & Ethical Prices

  • It is our goal to work with you in designing beautiful jewelry that is comfortable, durable and suits your lifestyle.
  • We offer premier quality jewelry at fair prices that are also substantially below retail market value.

Business Foundation

  • A love for nature’s gemological beauty
  • A child fascinated with rocks and what they held within
  • Jewelry consumers frustrated with poor quality and high prices
  • A great grandfather owning a jewelry store on 11th Street in NYC
  • Texture, color, shape & play of light, jewelry is art
Color Symphony’s success is based upon established client relations that are developed and maintained through professionalism and trust, quality merchandising and fair pricing. As clients become familiar with the business they discover how costs are creatively reduced. For example, diamonds are purchased via non-traditional venues such as manufacturers’ close-outs that occur when these companies discount a portion of their inventory. Diamonds from liquidated or discounted pieces are often removed and placed into our designs. This is a wonderful way to get top quality diamonds at discounted prices (the traditional loose diamond market offers little opportunity for this type of savings).

Color Symphony Jewelry, LLC ® is a New Hampshire limited liability company and all business transaction and proceedings, including sales, are governed by the laws of the state of New Hampshire. The business is cataloged by the Jeweler’s Board of Trade, is a member of the Jewelers’ Security Alliance and a proud member of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA).

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