Rich Purple Sapphire & Radiant White Sapphire Ring 14KWG 2.54ctw


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This gorgeous oval brilliant cut sapphire is of Tanzanian origin and displays a rich purple color with vibrant sparks of purple, pink and blue throughout the stone’s brilliance. The sapphire measure 8.0 X 5.47 mm, weighs 1.34 carats and has excellent clarity and luster. On either side of the rich purple prong set sapphire is a fancy radiant cut prong set white sapphire. The pair weighs 1.20 carats, measures 7 X 5 mm and displays a high quality pure white color void of faint secondary hues which are often undesirable in white sapphires. The white sapphire are of Ceylon origin. In total the ring has 2.54 carats of fine quality sapphires, weights 5.60 grams of 14K white gold an dis a size 73/4 (please let us know your size preference on the order form). _________________________________________________________________________________________
• AGTA Gemstone Enhancement Codes N = Not Enhanced SC = Special Care Required ASBL = Assembled CMP = Composite C = Coating D = Dyeing F = Filling H = Heating HP = Heat & Pressure I = Impregnating L = Lasering O = Oiling/Resin R = Irradiation U = Diffusion W = Waxing/Polishing in Opaque Stones

• Color Symphony only sells gemstones that qualify as being natural. This includes both heated and unheated or untreated stones (with exception some blue topaz and colored diamonds may also be irradiated). As a proud member of the American Gem Trade Association we pursue ethical business practices and disclose all gemstone enhancements or treatments to our clients.

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