Concave Faceted Ametrine (H)* & Amethyst (H)* Dangles 14KWG 7.40 ctw


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Speciality cutting can add beauty and individuality to designer pieces.  These dangles feature round brilliant concave faceted amethyst as the top earring component and below them dangle a pair of cushion concave faceted ametrine.  Ametrine is a natural development of  quartz that has both purple and yellow tones that are separated.  The prong set amethyst rounds measure 7.0 mm, weigh 2.40 ctw, have concave facets that deliver radial bright purple beams and have excellent clarity.  Underneath them freely dangling are the ametrine that measure 10 X 8.0 mm, weigh 5.00 ctw, have excellent concave facets that display both electric flashes of purple and yellow, nearly loupe clean clarity and spectacular brilliance.  The earrings are made with 14KWG and dangle 20 mm (3/4″) in length and 8.0 mm (1/3″ in width.  These are a one of a kind creation and showcase natures unique beauty and fine American cutting.


  •         AGTA Gemstone Enhancement Codes N = Not Enhanced  SC = Special Care Required   ASBL = Assembled  CMP = Composite   C = Coating    D = Dyeing               F = Filling    H = Heating    HP = Heat & Pressure    I = Impregnating    L = Lasering     O = Oiling/Resin    R = Irradiation    U = Diffusion    W = Waxing/Polishing in Opaque Stones


  • Color Symphony only sells gemstones that qualify as being natural.This includes both heated and unheated or untreated stones (with exception some blue topaz and colored diamonds may also be irradiated).  As a proud member of the American Gem Trade Association we pursue ethical business practices and disclose all gemstone enhancements or treatments to our clients.




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